Trackers - Every Life is Important


Every day people go missing. There are trained volunteer men, women, and dogs on call 24/7 to find them. It was one woman's dream to find the perfect search and rescue companions. Meet Pam Medhurst and her 5 beagles - Snickers, Danie, Charlie, Wishbone and Huckleberry. Follow Pam and Danie along on a real and treacherous search with Sgt. Don Parker and his San Diego County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team. This is one story. There are thousands more. Search and Rescue dogs across the world are involved in exciting and rewarding rescues. These lovable, gifted, and dedicated animals provide the sense of smell which contributes to many successful missions. .

Written, Produced and Directed by Jeanne McKinney

Co-Produced and Edited by Dave McKinney

Music by Alan Williams

Featuring Pam Medhurst and Sgt Don Parker and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Volunteers

AVtek Productions