Eagle Warrior - Trilogy

Jeanne is the writer of the Eagle Warrior Trilogy of screenplays .  The first of the trilogy, Eagle Warrior - A Time of Reform, received the Silver award for Feature Animation at the International Family Film Festival (formally titled City of Gold - An Eagle is Born).  Exciting Investment opportunities exist for this film. Visit our eaglewarriortrilogy.com website.

Her personal studies of 1500’s Mesoamerica, the setting of the Trilogy, are comprehensive and span a 8 year period.  Jeanne’s knowledge of culture, art, architecture, history, religion, trade and foreign relations of the times, come to life in her writing and position her as a valuable production resource.

The two additional screenplays in the trilogy, Eagle Warrior - Revenge of the Crocodile, and Eagle Warrior - The Seer’s Quest, round out this epic, animated action/adventure trilogy.  See the loglines on this page.

Jeanne produced and successfully showcased an animatic in numerous film festivals to offer producers a live-in-the-world feeling to market the feature screenplays.  The animatic captured the attention of audiences across the US  appearing in the many film festivals which are listed below.

A screenplay for an animated short, War Training,  was a finalist in the Latino Screenplay Competition 2007.  This entertaining piece portrays the Eagle Warrior and his trusted Iguana.


“Eagle Warrior”, Screenplay Finalist, La Femme Film Festival - Beverly Hills, CA - Oct 2006

“Eagle Warrior”, Screenplay Finalist (Silver), International Family Film Festival - Valencia, CA - Apr 2003

“Eagle Warrior”, Screenplay Finalist, Salt Lake City Film Festival - Salt Lake City, UT - Aug 2002


“War Training”, Screenplay Finalist, Latino Screenplay Competition - Los Angeles, CA - Jan 2008 (See “The Best Latino-Themed Screenplays” - last page or visit the  National Association of Latino Independent Producers).

See the Animatic and a beautiful assortment of artwork for this project on our Eagle Warrior—A Time of Reform animatic page.

Our artist’s view of the great Tenochtitlán, called Atua in the Eagle Warrior Trilogy. It’s the current site of Mexico City and was once a swampy island in the middle of a shallow lake, infested by poisonous snakes.  (This picture will come to life  - check back soon)

Scene by Mark Swan                                                                                                                 AVtek Productions —Copyright 2008

Poster Art by Eric Boden

AVtek Productions—Copyright 2006

AVtek Productions